World MS Day & Raising Space

World MS Day 30th of May 2018

After an amazing couple of weeks since the launch of the Raising Space website it has been full on with all hands on deck.
However now we want to take some time to introduce the Founder of Raising Space along with an important message, also the series of events that started this journey.

My Multiple Sclerosis 

Hi guys, most of you know me as Abbey and if not pleased to meet you!
I am the Founder of Raising Space.
Thank you for all of your support, it truly has been incredible and we cant thank you enough.
I thought it was time to introduce myself and also what lead me to this point.

I moved to Brisbane from London four years ago and a few months after moving here I started to get some really strange symptoms including; tingling in my spine when looking down, sporadic blurred vision - which was changing quite rapidly, fatigue, I couldn't walk far, I was taking naps all the time.
So I went to my GP who referred me to an Ophthalmologist , then a Neurologist, I had blood tests, MRI scans and eye tests. The health system really is great in Australia but so time consuming to get to where you need to be. Every appointment needs a referral,the public system has long wait times and the private system is crazy expensive! Anyway on my last appointment with my Ophthalmologist he told me that all the tests had come back and they were 100% positive I had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) due to the amount of lesions on my brain and spine. I have Remitting Relapsing MS and to be honest in that very moment I was just relieved. Relieved I had an answer after all of those tests and ongoing symptoms.
I started taking a drug called Copaxone which meant I had to inject my self everyday.
For the next while life goes on, not too many debilitating symptoms - tire easily, temporary blurry vision, shakes, cant over exert myself, brain fog - very hard to construct sentences and verbalize what I want to say easily.Then a year or so later my drugs changed, we doubled the dose but less frequently which meant I only had to inject three times a week which was great.But not long after that I got Optic Neuritis quite badly, Optic Neuritis is a swollen optic nerve. From memory I believe it was my right eye and it was around 2015. I was admitted to hospital here in Brisbane to go on a three day course of intravenous steroids which are supposed to speed up the relapse and even though the outcome is going to be the same it can make day to day life easier - return to work, drive etc. So that's been the last four years for my MS journey in a very brief nutshell.
2018 has bought a whole new game of hurdles to jump. About six months ago the vision in my right eye has been declining quite bad and quickly. If I cover my left eye there is not much I can see, only a haze and some light. I have seen an Ophthalmologist, been back to my Neurologist twice, also going to an Optometrist every month to track the progress.
Earlier in the year I couldn't do the steroids round again due to personal reasons so we were forced to ride it out. But then two weeks ago I lost the feeling in my torso, all round my stomach, back and slowly spreading down my legs. Last Tuesday I started to loose my speech, slurring words, really struggling to get the words out that I want to say and basically sounding drunk all the time - very embarrassing and frustrating! I went back to the GP, asked them to call the hospital for me. My Neurologist requested to see me at the hospital a couple of days later. So here I am day three on intravenous steroids again in hospital. 
Anyway I live with MS every day, there is no cure only maintenance.
All this aside I am positive for my future, I live a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, don't smoke (anymore!), exercise regularly and highly believe we are in control of our own vitality.

How MS was the inspiration behind Raising Space

I started doing yoga not long after I was diagnosed. Mainly because I can't do strenuous exercise, the MS symptoms heighten and its too much. However I must keep moving and stretching my body - use it or loose it!
So I fell in love with yoga and highly recommend the practice for everyone, it also helps I have an amazing teacher who is also a fabulous mentor and taught me so much on this path.
With this in mind I had an idea to create, design and build a business based on my mantra.

"By RAISING our conscious awareness and creating SPACE for our hearts desires we begin to manifest our true destiny".

World MS Day - 30th of May 

World MS Day brings the global MS community together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with and for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis.

Giving Back Flash Sale!

For Wednesday 30th of May only we will be discounting $10 off yoga mats and $5 off cork blocks.
With each sale we will match the discount as a donation towards MS Australia who have helped me personally and so many others suffering, caring or influenced by Multiple Sclerosis. 
Get behind a great cause and if you are struggling from any type of hardship know that you are not alone and there is always fuel in the reserve tank to keep going.

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  • Truly inspiring. You are positive and upbeat through a hard and I am sure a painful journey. Brave and courageous.

    Gae Shaw

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