The day before the challenge began

Challenge accepted! Follow us on our journey to find peace, expand our brains and be present without our smart phones.

Saturday – It was going to be a busy Saturday, 8am yoga, 10.30am apt in the city, 1pm mindful education lesson with my yoga teacher, housework, wash the dog, dinner, the list goes on and on. It didn’t help I woke up at 4.30am also! This is what I forecasted my day to look like. Little did I know the universe had something else in mind.

The morning went as planned, nothing stressful, nothing really worth mentioning. But then I arrived at my yoga studio to support my teacher who was giving a talk on mindfulness. Well I initially thought I was going there to support her but in fact it was the universe guiding me towards a lesson I needed to hear.

In this talk I met a group of wonderful, empowering women and we all spoke about how technology is affecting the relationships we surround ourselves with and also the new relationships we are sabotaging before they even begin.

My husband John and I had conversations about ditching our smart phones on multiple occasions in the past. Usually this conversation occurs right after we watch a great documentary on Netflix about life and all its beautiful mysteries! But I guess the plan was never executed because we didn’t have that friendly nudge to actually go through with it. Well this mindfulness chat was the nudge we needed. I told all the women what my husband and I were going to do and the feedback was incredibly motivating, then my yoga teacher said BLOG IT! Uhhhh…I have never blogged in my life! And yet here we are.

So I get in my car and you know that feeling when you can’t stop smiling? Right so that’s me, tapping the steering wheel, bopping my head, singing like I got a pocket full of sunshine and I decide to go straight to the Westfield mall. The carpark I chose is closest to Kmart so I walk in and ask ‘Can I please have 2 of your cheapest phones’, this lady looked at me like I was crazy but I tell you even that was incredibly liberating. Bear in mind that my husband has absolutely no idea about the day I have just had so when I come bounding through the front door dancing he is a bit confused to say the least. I throw him a phone and very excitedly exclaim ‘It’s a thing, we are doing this!’. He seems more worried that he won’t be able to work this new device but after some time (me training him) he comes around.

So it’s the day before. All that is written above is what has lead us here, what the future holds I don’t know. But I am so excited to see what I can achieve without an updated bitmoji, 100 likes on my Instagram post and 3000 followers on my facebook!

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