So quick to forget

Week Two & Three

As we adjust into our new stone age lifestyle our minds are noticeably quieter and a sense of clarity has appeared. Like a drug the ‘come down’ has passed and some of those pesky habits are being forgotten.

No longer do I reach for my phone as soon as I wake up, instead I am practicing mindfulness and gratitude (sometimes even before I open my eyes) and I will tell you something for nothing, it’s the best way to start your day and I recommend for everybody to try it!

I also now feel as though I do not need my phone attached to me always. I left for work 3 days ago and it wasn’t until a few hours later that I realized I had forgotten my phone at home. When I had my phone again I had missed 2 text messages, one from RACQ reminding me my roadside assistance is due soon and the other from my husband John saying, “It’s your turn to cook dinner tonight”, but because we must text without touch screens it was more like “It ur trn 2 cook dinz 2nite”.

As we forget about our addictions to smart phones we are also being reminded about what life used to be like BSP (before smart phones) and man oh man were we so quick to forget about the old days!

My thumbs hurt, remember when Repetitive Strain Injuries was a really serious problem and medical professionals truly believed that the next generation would have permanently bent thumbs from texting? Well that worry flew out the window when touch screens came along. It’s not only because of the way you have to position your hands but how many times you must press every button (don’t get me started on ‘S’ & ‘Z’).

A great way to test your patience, send a long text on a cell phone with a keypad. I now remember why we created shorter versions for long words. Although it is hard to try and remember them and then ensure the person reading my message knows what I mean. Our grandchildren will never feel our pain nor understand ROFLMFAO, GTG or UP2 (don’t worry I am not actually texting like this but ahhhh the nostalgia).

I bet you have all forgotten about how noisy keypads are when texting, I mean no wonder our school teachers knew when we were texting in class – it’s so obvious! Also a little embarrassing, I actually find myself not texting in public purely because of the loud CLICK,CLICK,CLICK.

OK I am being a bit cruel towards the old bricks, there is one thing they are great for. Battery life. I think I have charged my new phone 3 times since I bought it. WINNING. I am so stoked to say that I no longer have a phone charger at work, in my car and 2 at home (in case one breaks). Yep the battery lasts longer and so does my sanity.

I asked John if he would like to add anything to this entry purely from his own findings and one of the biggest day altering actions he has noticed is the additional time. Instead of procrastinating by aimlessly scrolling though Facebook or YouTubing ‘cats scared of cucumbers’ we are forced to put our heads down and complete the tasks in front of us. The productivity is incredible, we both have much more time to do the things we have always wanted to do.
Today I am going to a sewing class and John is building a work bench for his man cave.


We all have 24 hours in a day, how do you want to spend yours?

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