My husband cheated...

Week Four & Five

I knew he was hiding something from me, always sneaking off, distracted when I asked a question, announcing rugby scores before we had watched the replay! Then I caught bed...with his iPhone!

Of course I called him out straight away, his excuse. I miss my friends...(aww). To clarify his two best friends, live in Sydney and Cape Town, they usually converse on a group chat all day...every day. I get it, but nonetheless I WIN!! and he will not be forgetting that anytime soon.

I'm quite the opposite though, truly loving the peace and quiet. I'm not even sure if I will go back to my old ways once this challenge is complete. Maybe I will turn my smart phone on and see how many 'important' messages I have missed, maybe I will get sucked into the screen and the past 3 months will stand for nothing, or maybe I will have rewired the habit to pick up my phone 278 times in one day and will have actually inspired others to be more present.

It’s a great conversation starter, I have had friends, colleagues and people I don't even know all comment on my $29 phone when they see it. After I explain what I am doing they usually respond with "I couldn't do that, I NEED my phone for (fill blank space)". I'm sorry, unless your phone is keeping your heart beating you do not NEED it. Start small, leave it in your bag while you are out for lunch with friends, do not take it to your kids swimming classes, take your dog for a walk without it. Sound easy? Good, try it and simply notice how reliant we have become on this device.

I should mention a few temptations I have faced the last few weeks. With my job I have a work iPhone! Yep, so during the last 5 weeks I have had a smart phone with me most of the time. I must keep it charged and on loud during work hours. So, when I have circled the same block 7 times and am still hopelessly lost or ready to smash the car radio because of the repetitive ads or terrible commercial music I can confidently say I have not used my work phone. It’s like offering a cheeseburger to somebody on a diet.

Tomorrow night I am going to see Ed Sheeran live at Suncorp Stadium, I only mention it because otherwise none of you will know...JOKES!
I mention it because it will be an interesting experiment and I am showing off that I have good friends who print off my ticket in advance because they know I don't have a phone to scan my ticket upon entrance. Yep, I must watch the whole performance with my eyes, no average video of Eddy in the far, far distance and me attempting to sing Shape of You. So sorry to let all my Snapchat fans down.

Another eye-opening (no pun intended) couple of weeks, as always if you would like to join me on this venture or if you are enjoying the blog please get in touch. Love your feedback and support.

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  • Loving the blog babe. Can see your humour coming all through it. It’s like we are having a conversation face-to-face.

    Just catching up on them now!

    So good. Keep em coming xx


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