Mid Challenge Crisis

  • Lost wallet.
  • No phone reception.
  • Getting dark.
  • 3 hours away from home.

Rewind four days prior and you will find hubby and I jamming to some John Butler Trio on our way down to Byron Bay for Bluesfest. Oh the challenges we are about to face...


  1. understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.
    "with hindsight, I should have been more prepared"

Today marks 6 weeks and 2 days since I laid my smart phone to rest. You would think by now that I would have a handle on surviving without modern technology. Well I suppose I do when I am in familiar surroundings, call it a safety net.

For Easter weekend John and I went to Byron Bay for Bluesfest, fizzing with excitement we packed up the car on Friday morning and hit the road. Asides from a 30 minute traffic delay through the Gold Coast everything was off to a great start and it mainly stayed that way for most of the weekend until Sunday night. 

At approximately 4.30 pm on the 1st of April 2018 (ironically April Fools Day) my wallet disappeared POOF! GONE! 
The last time I remembered seeing it was in a shop in Byron when I was given a business card from another yoga store (we meet again irony). Between that store and sudden realization approximately an hour had passed and I had been at 2 other locations.

Ever have that feeling of panic when you cant find your phone and its actually in your hand, or you freak out when you cant find your sunglasses and they are on your head? Well my story didn't have the same fairy tale ending. My wallet was not in my bag, car, side of the road or any other locations I back tracked to. Now this predicament is stressful enough but I also don't have a phone, well at least a phone that can do anything helpful! PLUS my oh so wonderful husband never takes his wallet anywhere because he doesn't want to carry it (someone remind me to buy him a man bag).

So here we are; darkness approaching, limited phone reception, no money, no ID, a very low gas tank, 1 hour away from our accommodation and 3 hours away from home. Its at this moment I am imagining some horrible person emptying all my bank accounts or at least having a good laugh at my horrendous drivers licence photo. I find a Commonwealth Bank ATM and a helpline number, obviously the first thing to do is to cancel all my cards. The very sympathetic customer service lady then talks me through 'cardless cash'. I have never used this function before but apparently you can draw cash from a Commbank ATM without your card - you beauty! All you need to do is log into the Commbank app and receive a special code....great let me just grab my...oh wait that's phone!

We contemplate all options and after agreeing we would be lucky to get $1 busking we make the risky decision - get to a gas station, put in as much gas as we can with the coins from my car and pray we make it back to the accommodation to get Johns wallet.

After a stressful few hours, some angry words and a little bit of panic we made it back! 

A rather beautiful half way mark for our 'No Phone Challenge' and a friendly reminder that although our smart phones are distracting, absorbing and unsocial they can be helpful when in sticky situations. Perhaps everything in moderation.

Hopefully you all enjoyed a relaxing, stress free Easter break. 

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