If you don’t post it online did it even really happen?

Week One

And so it begins. Day One-
Up and out at 4am, went to the beach to watch the sunrise with the bestie. That's all well and good but how am I going to show everyone that I got up really, really early on a Sunday and the sunrise was  pretty?!?!?!....If I don’t snapchat it did it even really happen?
Interesting. Where did this self-validation erupt from? Why is it a success to flaunt our lives and what we chose to be a purposeful life. I don’t think we were always like this, I very strongly believe technology and especially social media has molded us this way. Look how philosophical I am now that I have all of this extra time to ponder.
I feel like a lot of struggles are going to emerge on this journey so it will be exceptionally important to mention the wins. First win, my husband called me on my sunrise walk to see where I was and the first thing we both noticed, HOW GREAT IS THE RECEPTION. We live in a new suburb of North Brisbane and the only way we can have conversations on our phones is when we are standing in the backyard with one hand in the air (joking about the hand in the air, dramatic effect).
But its not wins all round, after all this is a challenge. The bestie and I were going out for breakfast and I have no idea how much I can spend. Is it a raisin toast morning or a big brekky morning? But ignorance is bliss and sometimes the best thing to do is wing it – I had eggs on toast to add context.
As far as Sundays go I had a glorious day exploring Brisbane. Sun was shining, great friends, incredible banter, good food, the universe was on our side. I considered if this was an exceptionally great day or if the grass was greener because I was super present. Nearly every moment was undivided attention to my surroundings, thoughts, body, energy – is this what we are missing all the time when we have our noses in our phones?

Day Two –
Its an addiction and the sooner we admit that the sooner we can kick this habit and truly develop ourselves. Please don’t take me wrong with the stand John and I are pursuing. Its not that we don’t want to surround ourselves with people who have smart phones, nor do we think any less of our friends and family members who enjoy Boomerang far too much! It’s simply an awareness. We want to challenge and better ourselves.
But how do we know that this will better ourselves? We don’t. Shock, Horror! I do know that our obsessions with our phones is not healthy and anything to improve my health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) is worth exploring.
I wasn’t even a big phone user. Nope, I could leave my phone in my bag for most of the day and not think about it. But with that in mind the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was reach for my phone...

Day Three –
Nu fone hu dis? Hah! when was the last time you received a txt like that? Well I had a very intelligent moment on Saturday night when my Iphone died….I forgot to save my contacts and they didn’t copy over on my SIM, cool. So not only do I currently have 5 saved numbers on my phone (mum, husband, bestie and two work colleagues) I must ask everyone who messages or calls me who it is. **apologies in advance**
On that note, moments before my IPhone died on Saturday night I seen that my friend was typing me a Snapchat message...Andy if you are reading this I am sorry I haven't responded, please write me a letter. Also if anybody is speaking to my Dad please tell him what I am doing, I don't think he will see my Facebook post!

Day Four -
I cant stand my handwriting, seriously its like a 5 year old writing with their eyes closed. So with this in mind blogging has been interesting because I don't write anything down. But do not fret I have rediscovered voice memos on my new $29 phone. I never really grasped the point of voice memos, nor did I know anybody who has ever used them. But I can confidently say I am now one of those people who looks really important talking into their phone all the time. Thought I would add this in so you can all feel my pain without the 'notes' app.

Day Five-
The struggle is real. I didn't think it would be this hard, I mean I knew it would be tough, but WOW! We take so much for granted! Perfect example, you would have hopefully seen the first blog I sent last week. Well I also attached a picture of our new phones to the header. This was no easy achievement my friends. I had to find my digital camera (haven't used it since a holiday 2 years ago), locate 4x AA batteries in my 'junk' draw, take an aesthetically pleasing picture, plug the camera into my laptop, crop it and upload it to my blog. WHAT? Ain't nobody got time for that. Life is so much faster when we have our every day to day requirements at our fingertips. But I cant help thinking that all of these hurdles I am having to jump to get through my day is not a new practice. Yep we all used to do these ventures before smart phones. Its like Apple (or whoever) announced to the world that we NEED these devices to survive and we all went, OK. No questions asked. Zombie apocalypse much.

Day Six-
I miss emojis. I cant even construct a simple smiley face on my new phone without it looking like its suffering from facial paralysis. If you know me well then you will know how much I really appreciate a great GIF. Texting sucks, and that's all I have to say about that.

Day Seven-
Mate, I got this. I am exuding confidence today, I just drove around the city without Google maps. DROP THE MIC.
Overall its been a great start, challenging, stressful, funny but mostly eye opening.
If John and I are inspiring anybody, even if only a small bit on this journey it is totally worth it and please if you want to join us we will welcome you with open arms. Join us on the 'I don't even know how to call my voicemail' side.

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