Five days to go

Five days to go, 120 hours, 7200 minutes...
Five more missed cringe-worthy Facebook memories.

Here we are. What an epic 3 months. A journey feels understated.
My eyes have truly been opened.
I present to you an addiction and I confront you with a question.
Are you willing to admit how reliant you are on your smart phone?

If the answer is yes, nothing happens and if the answer is no, nothing happens. But please take a moment and notice how you feel when you realize life is passing you by as you look down.

Many events have occurred during the last few months, some BIG and some small. I cant help but wonder what would have been different if I did not pursue this challenge.

I 100% believe I am more present in each situation although my mind can still throw me into the future when I am alone but I am always listening and engaging when in social situations. I am also incredibly aware of how much everyone else uses there phone to pass time when life is happening all around them, it makes me sad and drives me crazy!

At the beginning I was hoping to make these blogs more frequently but quickly realized if I was to really adapt to life without a smart phone I had to stop and take in each moment rather than absorb myself blogging.

I have had a lot of fun during this challenge but I think sometimes it still frustrates my friends and family that I am off the grid.
"Did you get my snap it was soo good?"
"Did you see blah blah got married?"
"Can you send me that picture from that day?"
"Can you look up how to get there?"
"I'll send you the link now"
"I'll screenshot the conversation and send it to you"

We live in a quick world where everything is instant and we are all guilty of impatience.
So slow down and remember life is about good moments with good people and when you open up your plans and mind **sigh** you are so free!
If you are thinking about putting the phones down, even for a fleeting moment, DO IT!

Whats next? I'm excited to get my phone back and see what I have missed. My Spotify is the app I have missed the most. Surprisingly missed Snapchat the least. Current plan is to delete most of the apps and take it back to basics so sorry team you wont see much on my personal pages online but stay in touch with Raising Space because you never know what will happen next.

Love and Light x

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