Are you new to Yoga? Great! We all have to start somewhere!

We are just like you at Raising Space, we have a passion for Yoga and all the associated benefits that come with it.
We invite you on this journey with us, not as a student, subscriber or follower but as a friend who is intrigued about how yoga can benefit your mind, body and soul.

Have you ever tried Yoga before?  
Maybe you went to a class once but didn’t know what you were doing and felt a bit silly?
Perhaps the typical ‘yogi stereotype image’ has tricked you into thinking it’s not for you?

Well I am here to declare that once upon a time I was that person. You will be shocked to discover that everyone in your class was once that person, even your teacher!
What do I need to prepare for my first yoga class?
  • Comfy clothes – nothing too tight, this is not the time to dress like an Instagram model! Think leggings and t-shirt. Although keep in mind your shirt might end up around your head during certain poses *HACK – Tuck your shirt in to your pants and avoid flashing the class* 
  • Hair tie for those with long hair, unless you don’t mind the ‘Cousin It’ look.
  • Yoga mat 
  • Yoga block – great for length, support and strength in difficult poses, perfect for beginners! 
  • Water bottle. Trust me – yoga is not only breathing and meditation
  • Leave your phone, watch and any other distractions at home or in the car. You won’t need it.
  • Your studio of choice should be able to supply all other accessories if necessary – bolsters, straps, eye pillows, wedge etc. You can build up your kit as you go and as you discover what type of practice you prefer with which additional supports.
That’s pretty much it, obviously we can get much more in depth, but this is a good starting place.

Explaining the Terminology 

Yoga terminology is a whole new subject and extends far and wide with different interpretations, another blog for another time.
However, our quick ‘yoga terms’ below might help with the “what the” moments during your first class.

Shavasana, Savasana or corpse pose is usually done when a class is coming to an end. Lying flat on your back, palms facing upwards and eyes closed your teacher will talk you through a guided meditation. Nothing to do here…seriously let it all go and enjoy this time.
Namaste is verbally expressed at the end of a class. Press your hands together in a praying position at your heart, bow your head and close your eyes.
Nama means bow, as means I and te means you. It literally means ‘I bow to you’.
There are many ways to make the Namaste gesture but let’s keep it simple for now.
Asana is a very complex term with many branches although for this blog we will explain it as a physical term for yoga poses. It can also be used to describe single poses e.g. Banana Asana
(I could have selected any pose but how fun is it to say ‘Banana Asana’).
Mantra is to repeat words or syllables as an intention. Good practice is to set an intention at the beginning of your class and silently repeat it to yourself throughout. Unless of course you feel like it shouting to the world!
Yoga is a journey with no room for judgement, only love.
So, go forth. Take in those deep breaths. Stretch that beautiful bod and remember
"By RAISING our conscious awareness and creating SPACE for our hearts desires we begin to manifest our true destiny".
Comment below about your first yoga experience.
Farting during class stories are always welcome!

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